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Team Membership – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All information listed here can change from season to season.

What nights does the team practice?

The team currently practices three nights most weeks: Mondays and Tuesdays at the Mason Intermediate 5-6 gym, at 6-8pm for younger jumpers, 7-9pm for older jumpers. On Thursdays the team practices at Gymnation for tumbling training 5-7pm.

When is the team season?

The older team members start practicing early September with the school season. Younger jumpers and rookies start 1-2 weeks after the older jumpers. Practices run through the year except for school holidays. Rookies end their season early May. 2nd year and up practice through June and compete sometime in July for the last event of the season.

Can team members compete in other sports?

It is difficult to mix another sport with team membership since most events are team-based and need all members present to practice. Some of our team members are able to balance another sport’s commitments. Decisions are made in collaboration with coaches on a case-by-case basis. Sports that consistently require missing team practices, especially in the spring are unlikely to combine well with group event team-member commitments.

Since most of our events are team-based, if a single team member regularly misses practices, their team members are unable to practice as well. This usually leads to disappointed teammates.